“Secrets” is a basic art class, and a perfect beginner’s course for stampers. This course includes 5 lessons:

Lesson 1: Learn how to decide what to stamp first, which is the single most asked question. A blank piece of paper can be very intimidating! Very basic fundamentals of perspective are also explored.

Lesson 2: Choosing your materials. Learn to make smart purchases! We will discuss paper, ink, cleaners, masking materials, etc.

Lesson 3: Masking Fundamentals. We will explore using paper towels, post-it notes and eclipse tape for masking. We will discuss why one is better than the other for specific applications. We will cut some basic masks, and discuss how and why you cut them. Finally, we will discuss the difference between scene building and color masks.

Lesson 4: Using unmounted stamps.

Lesson 5: Building your scenes. We will use the masks we cut to construct a basic scene.