NEW! Warm Tint Blending Fluid Refill

NEW! Warm Tint Blending Fluid Refill


Refills enable you to refresh your blending fluid pad. For best results, keep your pads juicy. Everyone who purchases the pad should also have refills. 

Blending Fluid SET (1 pad, 1 cool refill, 1 warm refill) is only $15.99
($20.30 when purchased individually)


The warm tint blending fluid is also available as a refill!  This tint provides a nearly transparent, beige tint while lubricating.

Developed by Peddlers Den, the fluid lubricates the surface of your coated cardstock. Use as a base coat, and reapply when needed. Consequently, layering and blending inks is easier than ever before! Since each tint is subtle, you can use them beneath any ink color. Because they are water based, they are compatible with any dye based ink, although designed to be used with Makin’ A Scene inks.

When testing proto types, some customers found that they can also lift inks when used before dry. Because this is a new product, further uses and benefits are still being found!

Additional information

Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in

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