PanPastel Open Stock ~ First 48 Regular Colors

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PanPastel Open Stock ~ First 48 Regular Colors

$7.25 $6.75

We plan to include color charts as soon as possible….however, in the meantime, you can view the catalog at:

If you plan to order a large amount of PanPastel product, BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR SETS! These offer discounted purchasing, and your best value.


PanPastels are unique, professional artists’ pastels. Because you can apply pastel color like paint, they are perfect for all forms of stamping. Colors contain minimal binders and fillers. Consequently, you get rich, ultra soft and low dust color. We offer these in individual colors as well as sets. Consider these properties:

MIXABLE.  Colors mix much like paint. You can even mix them directly from the pan. No need for a separate palette.

HIGHLY PIGMENTED. Rich, pure colors work best when used sparingly. Consequently, they yield 4-5 times the coverage of popular brands.

EASY TO NAVIGATE COLOR SYSTEM. The color families are defined for you. Each color family has a number, and the decimal tells you the intensity. So the color family 680 is bright yellow green. 680.1 is the deepest shade, and 680.8 is the most pale!

INSTANT GRATIFICATION. No prep work or drying time needed. No solvents or water required.

LOW DUST. The manufacturer says low dust. I feel like you can easily work with NO dust, if you use the correct amount.

ERASABLE. Colors can be easily erased with most erasers! This is a major benefit!

FADE RESISTANT. Some colors are more lightfast than others, but overall they are very fade resistant.

MIXED MEDIA FRIENDLY. Works well with pencils, acrylics, encaustic, ink, watercolor, markers, etc. Compatible with spray pastel fixatives and varnishes.


Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in

Hansa Yellow Xtra Dk 220.1, Hansa Yellow Shade 220.3, Hansa Yellow 220.5, Hansa Yellow Tint 220.8, Yellow Ochre Xtra Dk 270.1, Yellow Ochre Shade 270.3, Yellow Ochre 270.5, Yellow Ochre Tint 270.8, Diarylike Yellow Xtra Dk 250.1, Diarylide Yellow Shade 250.3, Diarylide Yellow 250.5, Diarylide Yellow Tint 250.8, Bright Yellow Green Xtra Dk 680.1, Bright Yellow Green Shade 680.3, Bright Yellow Green 680.5, Bright Yellow Green Tint 680.8, Orange Xtra Dk 280.1, Orange Shade 280.2, Orange 280.5, Orange Tint 280.8, Phthalo Green Xtra Dk 620.1, Phthalo Green Shade 620.3, Phthalo Green 620.5, Phthalo Green Tint 620.8, Permanent Red Xtra Dk 340.1, Permanent Red Shade 340.3, Permanent Red 340.5, Permanent Red Tint 340.8, Permanent Green Xtra Dk 640.1, Permanent Green Shade 640.3, Permanent Green 640.5, Permanent Green Tint 640.8, Magenta Xtra Dk 430.1, Magenta Shade 430.3, Magenta 430.5, Magenta Tint 430.8, Chrom. Oxide Green Xtra Dk 660.1, Chrom. Oxide Green Shade 660.3, Chrom. Oxide Green 660.5, Chrom. Oxide Green Tint 660.8, Violet Xtra Dk 470.1, Violet Shade 470.3, Violet 470.5, Violet Tint 470.8, Turquoise Xtra Dk 580.1, Turquoise Shade 580.3, Turquoise 580.5, Turquoise Tint 580.8


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