From Scrap Ma Bob, we used these in our classroom in Illinois. They originally had reusable bags, but we stopped using them. Nobody wanted to have to clean the reusable bags. Imagine having to peel scraps of paper with adhesive, glitter, glue, etc. off the inside of the reusable bags! It is far more practical to use disposable bags (WalMart style) on them. Just recycle your plastic shopping bags, use and discard. No muss, no fuss.

These are heavy duty steel and designed to hold a 32 oz. beverage. The INSIDE of the beverage ring is 4.25″ diameter, and includes a cut out for beverages with handles. The inside diameter of the ring that holds the trash bags is 6.75″. This ring is easily removed for storage or shipping.  The photo with the white background is a commercial photo, the photos with the brown backgrounds are our items.