Skaters On The Pond Class, with bonus card


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Friday, April 17th
All Skill Levels

Participants must bring their own acrylic blocks (long, medium, small) equipped to hold plain rubber stamps, stylus and 2 blending tips, a fine point white gel pen. If you prefer to use blending brushes, you will be allowed to participate, but please be aware that your results will likely be different. The bonus card will be stamped on uncoated cardstock. We recommend participants use color pencils to tint the trees and snow, even though this will not be done during class.

5 in stock


Skaters on the pond is a monochromatic scene. It focuses primarily on the use of values, created by dragging your inks, to create drama. We have done 2 versions of this scene, one is an overcast day, the other, which is shown, is more dramatic. It is getting near dark. You can push your personal scene either direction. ADDITIONALLY you will make a small, bonus Downhill Skier card.

Prepaid registration required. Classes are non-refundable.


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