The first class of the retreat is available to first time attendees at no charge. Its purpose is to enable those who have never done scene building to get the most value out of their time with us. Additional classes can be purchased individually. Our event lineup, including our classes, is published around January 1st of each year.

  • Supply list – each class requires supplies, and you will need consumables for your independent work time.
  • Each “seat” includes 4’x30″ (1/2 banquet table) of personal work space.
  • All of your bags, tools, etc. need to fit on or under your space. Please plan accordingly. Of course, additional items can be stored in your room.
  • A complimentary beginners masking/scene building class will be offered to first time attendees.
  • Your name should be on all the items you bring.
  • You are not required to bring stamps, but if you choose to, please put your name on them.
  • We will have a huge assortment of stamps for attendees to share. If there is a stamp that you know you will be monopolizing, we suggest you bring it. We try to offer all of the Makin’ A Scene images, and all of the Stampscapes images, plus some assorted additional images. Having said this, we do not guarantee ALL will be available, as occasionally stamps “walk off”.
  • Our tool table includes a paper trimmer, heat gun, Cuttlebug or comparable, pencil sharpener, scor-it board and other essentials for all to share.

Optional break out classes are offered throughout the retreat. We begin with a foundational beginners class, and progress through various skill levels and techniques. All classes require supplies which can be preordered. Class sizes limited. Generally, 3 classes are offered each of the full days, for a total of 10 to 12 classes to choose from.

We also offer on-site shopping. We bring all of our display cases of products that we take with us to shows, AS WELL AS supplies, papers, and a wide range of other items for you to purchase, if needed.

Because attendees share ideas, inspiration and encouragement, lasting friendships form.

We are 54 miles from the Huntsville International Airport, and 88 miles from the Birmingham International airport.