Tonya Weakley, owner and primary artist of Peddlers Den Inc, is a well known scenic stamper and instructor. By February 2018, she was convinced that the world needed a wider variety of scenic friendly stamps. While Tonya was definitely going to draw images, she knew she would need additional artists to also contribute.  She recruited her artist/stamper friend, Marge Dady, and the two of them began drawing. Equipment was purchased, and in July of 2018 the original stamps were being manufactured in-house by Peddlers Den. Tonya continued to search for a wildlife illustrator, and later that year Ashley Polito joined the team. Since then, there have been additional artists who have contributed. While their focus is on scenic stamping, nearly all of their images can and are used traditionally as well.

As more and more companies went out of business, the supply stream of products and supplies needed to teach classes and create artwork became unreliable. Scenic stampers need inks that are offered in color families. They need special tools, paper, etc. Peddlers Den is constantly working on product development to guarantee a steady stream of needed supplies. Today they have their own ink line and they continue to enhance it. They offer blending tints to make dragging ink easier and smoother. They offer blending ovals (which replace the old ColorBox blending tips, no longer manufactured), scenic elements stencils, and Grip-It (a clear mounting mat that holds rubber images to your blocks and/or platforms) and more. They are constantly working on brand new products and designs!

Tonya Weakley was formerly co-owner of an art gallery. She taught drawing at the gallery, and at the height of her career, had 66 students. Scenic stamping has been an extension of her art background.

A scenic stamping specialist, she has been teaching this genre since the mid-1990’s. Her work has been published in magazines and books. To share with a broader audience, she joined the RSM team in 2019 as a Tips and Techniques columnist. She continues to contribute to RSM on an “as needed” basis.

Peddlers Den’s business model no longer includes a traditional brick and mortar store. Because it is now a manufacturer’s outlet, shopping in organized chaos is available by appointment.  HOWEVER!! Peddlers Den will be moving to Alabama either late 2020 or early 2021. We will be offering moving sales and shopping opportunities. Stay tuned! Subscribe to our eNews to stay up to date!
Manufacturing and warehousing at 115-119 W Market St, Somonauk, IL 60552
Mailing address: PO Box 339, Somonauk, IL 60552
Office Phone 815-498-3429