Mom with Baby Giraffe P33-597 G

Giraffe Looking P33-596 E

Giraffe Eating P33-595 E

Set of 5 Small Zebra, P33-610 H

Iconic Baobab (medium) T33-603 D

Iconic Baobab (large) T33-604 H

Acacia, medium T33-605 D

Acacia, large T33-606 I

Sparse Grass T15-317 #C

Grasses (mirrored set) T8-187 #D

Ground Pattern 2, T6-137 #C

Thorn Bush M33-601 D

Thorny Branch with Leaves M33-602 C

Stampscapes 194G cloud altocumulus lg

Stampscapes cumulus clouds w/ lightning sm