160# Stamp & Watercolor Cardstock (10 sheets)

160# Stamp & Watercolor Cardstock (10 sheets)


HARD TO FIND! For Stampers who want to watercolor on crisply stamped images!
For your THICKEST choice of cardstock, this is perfect. It is actually a light weight board. It is too heavy to fold. Each sheet weighs an ounce! It is smoother than the smoothest watercolor paper, but it is less absorbent.

While this is not a TRUE watercolor paper, it is the best choice for stampers who want to use watercolor. You get perfectly crisp, clear images. Our DT watercolorists have tested this and the feedback is positive! See the complete review from one of our design team members below. By now, multiple watercolorists have used it and recommend it.


“The 160# holds up relatively well with watercolor. The biggest advantage is that you can stamp a good clear image on it. I have trouble often with getting detailed images onto watercolor paper. In those instances, I use regular cardstock and Copic markers.  The 160# warps less than the watercolor paper. But, it holds the water for a long time. It took over 6 hours to dry one day, and I finally used the hair dryer on it. The biggest disadvantage for me is that I like to use wet on wet technique for skies and water. The 160# paper, once you put the paint on, that is it. You cannot easily blend it or even remove like on watercolor. However, I have modified my technique a bit and am still able to get the look I want, by slowly building up color. I like it very much, and will use it because it gives me a clear imprint of the image.”
— from Elizabeth Hart, Design Team member / stamper / watercolorist

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .5 in


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