Ivy Green YG:6 Ink PAD

Ivy Green YG:6 Ink PAD


Ivy Green is a wonderful medium to dark yellow green. It pairs well with other YG colors, and is especially good for foliage.


R = Red
Y = Yellow
B = Blue
G = Green
V = Violet
YR = Yellow Red (including oranges)
YG = Yellow Green (including olives)
RV = Red Violet
BV = Blue Violet
BG = Blue Green (including teals)
E = Tertiary/Earth colors (browns, tan, etc.) which are more complex blends
CG = Cool Grays
WG = Warm Grays

The color wheel begins with primary colors red, blue and yellow, which create secondary colors violet, green and orange. Monochromatic colors like gray come in warm and cool shades. Unfortunately, when viewing color swatches online, monitors rarely accurately portray them. To help scenic stampers select their color palette, we have resorted to a code based support system.

Following the above color family code there may be a number. When there is, it indicates a sub-category of the same color family. Following the colon is a number indicating the progression from light to dark. Smaller numbers are the lightest, and progressively get darker as the numbers increase.

Cross spectrum tints sometimes contain components from multiple color families. Because of this, they pair well with more than one color family. We have assigned them multiple codes to reflect this. Furthermore, these generally end with the numeral one.  These make excellent foundations for blending. They act as a lubricant for your layered inks, preloading the surface of the sheet of paper and making the inks more slippery.  For instances when this is not enough lubrication, we offer tinted blending fluids that are almost transparent.

Additional information

Weight .13 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × .75 in

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